Our Story

Based just outside Bude in North Cornwall, we’re very proud of our Cornish heritage so when we set up the bakery in 2015 we wanted a name that reflected the roots of the Company; hence Popti which is the Cornish word for bakery.

Popti was born out of the desire to create delicious artisan biscuits which would complement the charcuterie and cheeses produced on the farm at a time when the only option available to consumers were biscuits which were mass produced in factories by machines and not real people.

Because our biscuits are hand produced they won’t all look exactly the same but every biscuit will taste as good as the last because it has been lovingly prepared by people who care about the biscuits they make.

You can shop the whole range online at Norton Barton Artisan Food Village.
Popti Cornish Bakehouse range of things